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Solar Power

We recommend solar panels based on the merit of performance and efficiency vs cost to give you the best return on your investment.

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Renewable Energy

Solar provides you clean renewable energy that is not only good for the environment, but helps protect you from the rising cost of electricity.
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Mono Crystalline panels have been touted as the leading panel, but they do not operate as efficiently as Poly Crystalline or Multi Crystalline panels.
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Pay Back

There’s only one thing better than saving money on your electricity bills, and that’s the electricity company paying you for generating energy.
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Welcome To EESG Solar Gold Coast

Energy Efficient Solar Group (EESG) is a Gold Coast Based solar panel supply and installation company and are renown as the Solar power industry experts in Brisbane and on the Gold Coast.

We Get a real kick out of helping our clients save money by reducing power costs with systems that pay for themselves and create ongoing savings.

EES Group Motto:  “Treat everyone as you would want to be treated if the roles were reversed”.

We combine this ethos into our business model to create a great foundation for the future and growth of the EES Group and ongoing support for our clients.

While there are many Renewable energy companies out their competing for your business you can be rest assured that the Energy Efficient Solar Group are the most reliable, trustworthy company on the Gold Coast. We specialise in Solar power and unlike our competitors who offer cheap solutions wont compromise quality over price. We are here for the long term, so we wont use cheap Chinese systems to win your work.

Call or contact us today for your obligation free quote and start saving money on your energy costs.


Renewable Energy

Renewable energy 24 years ago was in its infant stage. The life span of renewable energy systems and maintenance costs meant that in most cases renewable energy was about survivability for properties off the power grid. In today’s world with the leap of technology renewable energy has become the our planets way for renewable and sustainable energy.

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